More than a single amino acids requirement

These next generation amino acids are usually co-limiting and their inclusion is highly dependent on a given formula and raw material context. Also, on a technical standpoint, our R&D team has found that their supplementation in the feed can be modulated depending on specific objectives and contexts for a better ROI at feed production level thereby challenging the concepts of the “ideal protein profile” and the “one size fits all”. METEX ANIMAL NUTRITION technical approach is then more holistic, customer driven, and goes further into the formulation.

Customized amino acids solution and support, for the customer

In a modern amino acid nutrition context, our customers need adapted technical recommendations and has often to integrate several amino acids at the same time. We choose to adopt a complete customer centered approach. METEX proposes fully customized amino acids solutions, mixed together, diluted, adapted to the customers constraints and requirements.

NOOV-CS, customized amino acids solution.

NOOV-CS gathers our solutions of amino acids, adapted to each customer, with all the technical support associated.