Meeting new expectations in animal nutrition

Our active innovation policy has a clear goal: offer cutting-edge solutions that respond to our customers’ needs. In addition to the non-negotiable quality of feed for animals, it is also necessary to take into consideration issues involving the performance of animal farming, animal growth and, even more importantly today, respecting the animal’s environment, health and welfare.
In order to respond to these issues, we are continually investing in research on animal nutrition. Attentive to the developments in the business, our R&D develops innovative, reliable and relevant solutions, whose quality we guarantee.

We believe that research on nutrition is a team effort

METEX ANIMAL NUTRITION’s researchers and nutritionists collaborate with a wide network of expert partners in the field of animal nutrition: industry professionals, research institutes and universities throughout Europe, Canada, the United States, Australia and South America. They are also supported by our entire distribution network, located throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Lastly, we work in close collaboration with our own customers. Knowing their needs and in-the-field results makes it possible for us to develop and offer them customized dietary solutions that are always striving for perfection.

The results of this research are shared in conferences, scientific and technical publications and directly with our customers via dedicated statements. We believe that innovation draws its strength through collaboration.

NØØV-CS™, completely customized animal nutrition

NØØV-CS™ Customized Solution is an innovative service reserved for our customers. It designs and offers amino acid-based solutions that exclusively and specifically respond to your needs.

Our research on animal nutrition concentrates on:


Customer lab – a laboratory specialized in analyzing amino acids at the service of customers
Video of an interview with Sonia Mauclair, Customer Laboratory Manager

Our customer laboratory at the service of customized solutions

METEX ANIMAL NUTRITION is fortunate to be able to rely on its own laboratory dedicated to nutritional innovation and customer projects. Participating in our solutions‘ formulation, the customer laboratory contributes throughout the different stages of the process. First, it evaluates the amino acids contents in our customers’ raw materials. It then determines what to focus on when developing feeds by measuring their concentration in amino acids. It also participates in the fabrication of digestibility measures under the framework of dedicated research programs. The entire process allows us to evaluate the performances of complete feeds and offer customized solutions.

Located on the site of our factory in Amiens (France), this one-of-a-kind laboratory is an essential tool in the development of our innovations and in improving the general understanding of animal nutrition.

Technical support

Trial programs and analysis campaigns (feeds and raw materials)

Customer support

Optimization in using our products and solutions

Quality control

Verification of the doses in amino acids and the quality of finished products