Low impact: Based in a METEX factory located in France, this unique fermentation process is 100% local and offers an alternative to the conventional sources of butyrate, made by petrochemistry. Circularity: The glycerin, a by-product of oil transformation, is directly used as the main substrate for fermentation. The water used and collected after the purification phase is treated and recycled. Finally, all wastes are valorized as biogas for energy source, and fertilizers in agriculture/ local crops.

Gut health enhancer

Butyrate is a beneficial short chain fatty acid produced naturally from bacterial fermentation of fibers and amino acids in the intestine. When supplemented in the feed, b-noov will exert his positive action on gut through two main drivers: feeding the colonocytes and inhibiting the growth of gram- bacteria. At gut level, this effect is converted into a decreased gut permeability thanks to higher tight junction expression and a stimulation of digestive enzyme activity together with a decrease in local inflammation.

b-noov, first bio-sourced butyrate.

b-noov, is the first bio-sourced butyrate, available in salt or coated form.