Innovate through animal nutrition research

Research on animal nutrition represents one of METEX ANIMAL NUTRITION’s cornerstones. Active and collaborative, it allows us to design innovative solutions and propose consistently effective dietary systems to our customers.
Through this network-based research, we participate in broadening general knowledge on amino acids, nutrition, animal health and environmental impacts.

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Developing the fermentation technology of tomorrow

Bio-industry principles make it possible for us to optimize fermentation and extraction processes from which amino acids are produced. They also make it possible for us to streamline the natural resources used, in favor of an ever-sustainable bio-industry.

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NØØV-CS™: discover 100% customized animal nutrition

NØØV-CS™, or Customized Solution, is an innovative service reserved for our customers. Its uniqueness? Using exclusive solutions made from amino acids, designed according to precise needs and parameters. Thanks to our R&D and dedicated teams, the latest advances in amino acids are within your reach!

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