Fermentation technologies at the heart of our expertise

In order to develop the nutrients of tomorrow, we adapt our fermentation processes as much as possible to the agricultural raw materials used. The bacterial strains responsible for fermentation are at the heart of our biotechnological research so that we can understand and maximize their abilities.

These new biotechnologies also support our quality process and make it possible for us to offer innovative finished products.


Developing the new generation of fermentation technology
Video of an interview with Rachel Poirot, Head of the R&D department, and François Lefebvre, Industrial Development Manager

Our innovations in biotechnology, at the service of a sustainable bio-industry

Over the past twenty years, we have worked to deploy technological innovations that strengthen the sustainable dimension of our industrial work. Here are just a few examples:

An intelligent use of natural resources

We produce amino acids using agricultural raw materials. However, these crops are more or less abundant or strategic depending on the world’s regions. We thus work to preserve these vital resources for populations.

Indeed, our biotechnological research endeavors to invent new ways to produce amino acids in accordance with available raw materials, while respecting mankind and the environment.

Expertise of METEX