Production that is respectful of the environment
Video of an interview with Jérémy Domont, Head of Operational Excellence

Through our business, reconciling production and the environment

Working upstream from animal nutrition industries, we have a major role to play in their sustainable development.
Our business encompasses the design, production and methods for using amino acids in animal farming.

Decreasing European agricultural dependency and freeing up arable lands

Balancing the diet of farm animals requires agricultural raw materials rich in protein, like soy. Currently, this resource is widely imported in Europe, which only produces 30% of its consumption. And yet, using amino acids drastically decreases these needs. It is thus estimated that 100,000 tons of L-Lysine combined with other amino acids (such as L-Tryptophan and L-Valine) generate a savings of approximately 3.5 million tons of imported soybean meal. On the worldwide scale, this represents a savings of more than 15 million hectares of arable lands henceforth available for human nutrition, as well as a significant decrease in our agricultural dependency and pressure on our forest resources.

Through our environmental management system, anticipating expectations

At METEX ANIMAL NUTRITION, we are getting out ahead of environmental regulations in order to be at the forefront of a bio-industry with a low ecological footprint. The principles of the circular economy underlie our responsible production and consumption policies and encourage us to innovate constantly. Consequently, we make sure to analyze and optimize our products’ life cycles.

Our commitment is based on four principles.

Internally, we cultivate this responsible approach with all of our employees, through awareness campaigns and the application of a rigorous environmental management system.

In order to always offer safe and quality final products, our commitment is supplemented with an in-depth quality process.