NØØV-CS™: The Customer at the Center of our Strategy
Etienne Corrent, Innovation and Customer Success Director and Stéphanie Lécuelle, Customer Success Manager

Customized solutions that respond to your needs in animal nutrition

Animal health and welfare, environmentally friendly initiatives and sustainability are all issues that are becoming more and more essential in animal productions. Each professional faces specific contexts (livestock farming conditions, optimization criteria, specific feedstuffs, local markets, antibiotic-free programs, etc.) In order to respond to these effectively, METEX ANIMAL NUTRITION proposes customized new amino acid-based solutions.

By drawing on the multiple nutritional and functional effects of amino acids, we are able to respond to new challenges in animal production. More and more amino acids are becoming co-limiting. Their supply through the ideal protein concept has reached some limitations. Therefor it has become increasingly necessary to consider agile amino acid profiles and solutions. In this context, METEX ANIMAL NUTRITION’s new offer, NØØV-CS™, is the solution that effectively responds to each situation.

In order to define the best NØØV-CS™ solution, it is necessary to take into account:

The four major steps in the NØØV-CS™ process

  1. Listen to and analyze your needs in complete confidentiality
    Together, we define an objective over a given period.
  2. Our teams develop a customized solution
    This solution responds to the technical-economic criteria specific to your situation.
  3. Set up and validate this solution
    This step involves a performance measurement.
  4. Continuous improvement
    We propose new amino acids and technical recommendations based on our exclusive research program.

NØØV-CS™: more than a blend of amino acids, a tailor-made support system

Our innovative NØØV-CS™ solutions stand out thanks to the fact that they provide step-by-step assistance, which is adapted to each customer. It includes an entire range of services.

Partnership and confidentiality

Customized solutions, formulated in accordance with your precise needs and objectives.


Access to innovative and exclusive amino acids, stemming from our latest research.

Added value

Solutions with high added value, which provides a reliable and durable response to your challenges.

Continuous improvement

The development of new recommendations and the integration of the latest advances from our R&D program.


METEX ANIMAL NUTRITION Actions in Favor of Sustainability
Nicolas Martin, Sustainability Director

Our Research & Development program, the basis of our innovative solutions

METEX ANIMAL NUTRITION is a pioneer in the research of amino acids meant for animal and human nutrition. Backed with this expertise, we work towards providing responses to animal production challenges. We therefore support the sustainability and performance of our customers by creating innovative solutions and continually improving our offer and recommendations.

Our research and development program makes it possible for us to anticipate the tools and solutions necessary for animal production issues:

Through amino acids, we are working to create pioneering and precise animal nutrition.