METEX ANIMAL NUTRITION’s Expertise in Amino Acids
Pierre Tillé, Sales Deputy Director

Amino acids inspired by nature

Our amino acids are produced through a fermentation process of agricultural raw material, for example sugar beets and molasses or starch from grains. Designed to be free form, these amino acids are identical to those found naturally in the raw materials used in animal feed.

What is a limiting amino acid?

An amino acid is limiting if its level in the organism impairs the correct synthesis of proteins. This insufficiency hampers the growth of the animal and certain metabolic functions.
The degree of limitation in an amino acid depends on the animal’s requirements and the raw material used for its nutrition. If the animal’s need for amino acids cannot be satisfied by available raw materials, it is recommended to supplement its feed with feed-use amino acids like L-Tryptophan, L-Valine or an NØØV-CS™ solution. An optimal nutritional level is thus obtained, while limiting the excesses of dietary protein. Monitoring limiting amino acids is a way to predict animal performance.

L-Lysine, the amino acid for feed efficiency

We developed L-Lysine in 1976 because METEX ANIMAL NUTRITION’s experts identified Lysine as the number one limiting amino acid in pigs, and number two in poultry. A dietary intake well dosed in L-Lysine thus helps their correct development. Used in accordance with the ingestion levels for animals and expected performances, L-Lysine guarantees nutritional efficacy and animal performance.

We have developed two forms of L-Lysine perfectly adapted to the needs of our clients:

The liquid L-Lysine is completely innovative in nature, and has been very successful since it first went on the market in the 1990s.

Nutritional dataL-Lysine HCILLB 50
Dry Matter98.5%98.5%
Content in Lysine base (minimum)78.0%50.0%
Equivalent in L-Lysine HCl100%64.1%
Crude protein93.4%61.9%
ME poultry4120 (17.24) kcal/kg (MJ/kg)2640 (11.05) kcal/kg (MJ/kg)
DE pigs
4860 (20.33) kcal/kg (MJ/kg)3110 (13.01) kcal/kg (MJ/kg)
ME pigs4410 (18.45) kcal/kg (MJ/kg)2830 (11.84) kcal/kg (MJ/kg)
NE pigs3435 (14.37) kcal/kg (MJ/kg)2200 (9.20) kcal/kg (MJ/kg)
Range of supplementation usually obeserved0.5 to 6.0 kg/ton of compound feed0.3 to 9.5 kg/ton of compound feed

L-Threonine, an amino acid with multiple purposes

We have been selling L-Threonine since 1987. This essential amino acid is the number two limiting amino acid in pigs and the third in poultry.

The benefits of an amino acid like L-Threonine goes above and beyond zootechnical nutrition and performance. It plays a key role in the proper functioning of animal digestive and immune systems. Understanding the balances in threonine and where it should be used is essential for the success of livestock farming.

Nutritional dataL-Threonine
Dry matter99.5%
Crude protein72.0%
ME poultry3570 (14.94) kcal/kg (MJ/kg)
DE pigs4140 (17.32) kcal/kg (MJ/kg)
ME pigs3790 (15.86) kcal/kg (MJ/kg)
NE pigs2950 (12.34) kcal/kg (MJ/kg)
Range of supplementation usually observed0.1 to 3.0 kg/ton of compound feed

Discover NØØV-CS™ (Customized Solution)

METEX ANIMAL NUTRITION now creates customized solutions made from a portfolio of new amino acids. At the service of our clients, we identify new issues in livestock farming as well as those affecting consumers. Our Innovation and Customer Success department assists you in defining nutritional solutions that respond to your specific needs.

Discover NØØV-CS™TM, our customized animal nutrition solutions

L-Tryptophan, the key element for feed intake, health and growth

In 2000, METEX ANIMAL NUTRITION put L-Tryptophan on the market, an amino acid with complex and crucial functions. The number three limiting amino acid for swine, L-Tryptophan interacts in the growth process of livestock as well as in regulating of their appetite and overall health. An essential advantage for farmers!

Nutritional dataL-Tryptophan
Dry matter99.0%
Crude protein84.0%
ME poultry5850 (24.48) kcal/kg (MJ/kg)
DE pigs6510 (27.24) kcal/kg (MJ/kg)
ME pigs6120 (25.61) kcal/kg (MJ/kg)
NE pigs4730 (19.79) kcal/kg (MJ/kg)
Range of supplementation usually observed 0.1 to 1.0 kg/ton of compound feed

L-Valine: a breakthrough in amino acid nutrition

METEX ANIMAL NUTRITION has sold L-Valine since 2009. Combined with our other amino acids, L-Valine makes it possible to drastically reduce the level of dietary proteins and reach a perfect balance in essential amino acids. It also makes it possible to monitor the next limiting amino acids as well as provide access to feed formulations perfectly adapted to different livestock farming contexts.

Our L-Valine participates in streamlining feed costs while guaranteeing the best performance possible. Its use is a major and essential step towards improving the sustainability of livestock farming systems.

Nutritional dataL-Valine
Dry matter98.5%
Crude protein72.1%
ME poultry5260 (22.0) kcal/kg (MJ/kg)
DE pigs5830 (24.4) kcal/kg (MJ/kg)
ME pigs5480 (22.9) kcal/kg (MJ/kg)
NE pigs4235 (17.7) kcal/kg (MJ/kg)
Range of supplementation usually observed 0.1 to 1.0 kg/ton of compound feed

What is an indispensable amino acid?

All amino acids are essential nutrients, but some are qualified as indispensable when they are not produced de novo by the organism. Therefore, it is imperative that they are present in feed. Other amino acids, which are also essential to the animal, can be directly synthesized by the animals. They are qualified as semi-indispensable or strictly dispensable. Nevertheless, the specific supply of these amino acids with multiple functions can be necessary in certain livestock farming contexts.
Note that each animal species possesses a specific classification of indispensable amino acids. This classification evolves in accordance with the latest advances in research.