Balance amino acid in the petfood for sustainable nutrition

Pets require highly bioavailable proteins and essential amino acids

It is important to consider amino acids individually when formulating petfood. This method helps meet the need for these essential nutrients and ensure the optimal growth of puppies and kittens, good lactation of the dams, and muscle maintenance in older animals. In addition, using feed-grade amino acids can help reducing both the carbon and nitrogen footprints of the petfood industry while optimizing the cost of the formula.

Increase palatability of the food

Pets are real gourmets being very sensitive to the taste of their food

Amino acids can increase the palatability of the food via two levers. The first one is linked to their capacity to trigger umami receptors and taste, a taste to which pets are particularly sensitive. The second one is due to their possibility to react with sugars during heating process to form Maillard products, a family of molecules also very appreciated by pets.

Enhance gut health of dogs and cats

Pets have very sensitive digestive systems

Pets are often subjected to digestive problems, especially, when they are transitioned from one food to another. Amino acids, such as glutamine, glutamate or arginine but also butyrate are know to be trophic molecules for their intestine. Their supplementation is associated with improvement of gut health.

Maintain muscle in elderly pets

Older pets can lack appetite and ability to maintain their muscle mass when getting old

Like humans, older pets can exhibit sarcopenia (muscle loss). This loss of muscle mass is due to two concurrent and intertwinned phenomena: a lesser appetite combined with blunted muscle protein synthesis capacity. Branched-chain amino acids, especially leucine, have the capacity to activate muscle protein synthesis at the muscle level favoring the maintenance of healthy and strong muscles in dogs and cats.

Reduce aggressivity of pets

When neophobia turns into aggressive behaviour

Maintain fur quality

Pets when they are sign or getting older cn lose their fur quality

Reduce odors

Undigested proteins can be metabolized in the gut into hydrogen sulfide leading to unpleasant odors

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